Web developer (NOC 2175), Graphic designer (NOC 5241)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada [email protected] +1 825-558-2070

Web developer and graphic designer with 20 years of experience, I love digging into the details and finding the best way to achieve exact goals. I am meticulous in all the work that I do. My main qualities are accuracy, creative vision, attention to detail, a propensity for deep analysis and a resistance to routine work. I am always educating, developing and driving myself forward to be a better professional and I am always ready to master new technologies and learn new skills.
I acquired my existing skills through self-study. With the exception of a few third-party sites, I have spent my career building and maintaining several projects of varying sizes and complexity. I don't have an extensive portfolio. Instead, I have handcrafted a small number of sites that I am proud of, each of which has been outstanding within its niche. As a result of this work, I have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in such fields as launching a successful start-up, running a business, bringing a product to market, working with analytics and performing offline and online process optimization. Taking the time to acquire and exercise these skills gives me a significant advantage over other developers.

Availability: full-time; office or hybrid work; willing to relocate.

Hobbies: web development, politics, dogs, fitness.


Recent Projects

From A to Z. Implementation of the project idea, business planning, prototyping, MVP, all front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript; client-side caching, responsive design, web performance, search engine optimization, accessibility, user interface, PWA, A/B testing) and all back-end work (Nginx, PHP, MySQL, memcached; scalability, high availability, security issues, authentication and authorization) with subsequent optimization and system administration, bringing the product to market (marketing activities, setting up a client base, developing projects development).